There's wrong and there's really wrong. What's really wrong is a public official contacting churches to try to turn the political tide his way.

Erich Schlegel, Getty Images
Erich Schlegel, Getty Images

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Governor Greg Abbott reached out to several mega-churches to get them to influence their parishioners on the Texas bathroom bill. I don't even know if it's legal or not, but it is 100% underhanded and wrong. It's also why the framers of our constitution called for separating of church and state.

Some of you need to separate the issue from what the governor is doing here. Do you really want churches deciding what is legal or not legal? Is that not how we get the American Taliban?

It's time to quit supporting politicians who operate in the fringe areas of the law, even if you support the law their working for. It's shady and a bad example to the world.

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