I'm all for companies making a reasonable profit, but this insulin thing is totally out of hand.

I understand that with new drugs a lot of costs that go into development have to be recouped. Insulin was developed in 1921. 1921. One more time, that's 1921.  So how is it prices for this drug are going up?

The price of nearly everything out there goes down over time (just look at your t.v.). Most medicines prices go down over time (generic Viagra for instance). The cost of insulin doubled just between 2012 and 2016 and continues to go up.

The drug companies need to be brought in front of congress and made to answer some questions.  If the drug companies refuse to comply, then the U.S. needs to open its own factory. This is ridiculous, people are dying from rationing or even trying to do without insulin.

And YES, I do agree there are  MANY overpriced drugs out there, but once again, this one has been around since 1921.  I think about 100 years has been more than enough time for the drug companies to enjoy their profits. It's time the price of insulin is regulated.


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