At this point, nothing that happens in the world of politics surprises me.


This Should Happen

Did you know the country of Wales is considering a new law that would make it illegal for politicians to knowingly lie?  I'm certain that many lies would be covered by other laws, but there are still a ton of humdingers that get through.  If only laws like the one being debated in Wales were the norm, if not the exception, then we'd all be better off.

The Attack

One of the candidates for Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Commissioner is now accused of telling a different kind of lie. This isn't one of those typical lies about cutting taxes or where their campaign funds came from. Taral Patel claims he was the victim of online racist attacks.  Patel had posted racist messages he had "received" on social media while running for office. This led to an investigation.

Looking Closer

It was Patel's opponent who actually encourage the investigation into the matter, and recognized one of the names on social media as someone who had attacked him before.  Before you know it, the Texas Rangers were able to find out that the racist messages were coming from accounts registered to Patel himself. That information was good enough to charge Patel with a third-degree felony and an additional misdemeanor. It appears that Patel will be claiming that a "former employee" may be responsible for the incident. Authorities will hopefully bring some closure to the matter at the July 22nd trial.


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