***Caution-Graphic Picture Ahead***

A possible chupacabra was caught on film in 2019 in Houston. Could the animal photographers caught be a chupacabra? Could it be the legendary goat-sucking demon that has launched a thousand nightmares? The image does not lend much credence to the idea that the animal is a cryptid, but probably more towards the explanation that many experts have come up with.

It seems that multiple sources agree that the first report of a chupacabra came from Puerto Rico and those stories drifted up to the Southwestern United States, with some other stories now coming from across the world. The chupacabras in these stories are more like demon dogs with fiery red eyes and fangs.  Some stories and pictures also report them having scaly skin almost like a dragon (this is the part that seems to be disputed the most).

So what's to fear from the chupacabra? As alluded to before, they are rumored to suck the blood of goats, so I guess that means they might be capable of doing the same to a human if they wanted to.  In short, they are described as animal/vampires.

Is this a chupacabra? Photo via Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Experts tend to write the chupacabras off as a more familiar animal. They say that chupacabras are actually coyotes with advanced stages of mange or other diseases. The lack of fur as well as the fact that many become emaciated make their pointy bits (teeth/nails) a little more prominent and threatening.  Now while that may take the "supernatural" element out of the discussion, it hardly sounds better, now does it?

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