Not all ghosts are out to scare you...

You have no doubt heard a version of this story at some point in your life. If you're from a smaller town you may even have heard someone say that it happened there. Most accounts say it happened in San Antonio and some say the origin is in Utah. I'm only saying it's creepy with a tragic backstory. The story goes like this:

A school bus full of children is traveling home at night when their bus stalls on the train tracks. Seemingly out of nowhere, a train appears. The train smashes into the school bus. The driver is thrown clear of the accident and survives, but all of the children on the bus die. The bus driver (some accounts say it was a nun) is so distraught that she returns to the scene weeks later and parks on the tracks, waiting for the bus to end her life as well. The train finally appears and just then the driver hears the familiar voices of his deceased passengers and the vehicle is pushed over the tracks into safety.

Now, you probably know what comes next. Reportedly if you park on those tracks you will be pushed to safety by these spirits. Some people have even covered their bumpers with baby powder and claimed that there were small handprints after it happened.

Let's go full stop right now. Do not EVER intentionally stop on train tracks. You will never win in a fight with a train, and for all you know those tiny spirits have the day off and will straight up let you get hit with 20,000 tons of steel. So, let's just take everyone's word for it, and not tempt fate.

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