What is it about large ships that makes them so spooky?

Ships have figured prominently in many horror movies, chief among them, one of my favorites called "Ghost Ship". The opening scene of that movie, where/when the tragedy starts will stick with you the rest of your life.

I supposed ships are extra spooky because of the noises that echo through the hallways and the fact that so much of what is inside is somewhat familiar but a little foreign to us land-dwelling folks. I've toured the Queen Mary several times, and they play into it pretty heavily, even hosting haunted house (ship) events on board.

This brings us to the U.S.S. Lexington, the decommissioned WW2-era ship that now makes its home in Corpus Christi. The ship itself was known as "The Blue Ghost" because it was reported to have sunk four times but kept coming back to fight. So how about that ghost on the Blue Ghost? Some claim they were given a tour by a person in a full naval uniform, but that person doesn't exist.

So why would the Lexington be haunted? Probably the most tragic of events was a Kamakazi strike on the ship's engine room that is said to have killed 50 men. 370 in all have died on the ship according to Hauntedhouses.com. The ship has been featured many times on ghost-hunting-type TV shows and has been investigated by ghost-hunting groups who claim to have gotten EVP "evidence" of a haunting.

The U.S.S. Lexington does offer tours, overnight stays, and even an escape room. Maybe you can check in sometimes and meet some of the ghosts who haven't checked out.

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