The plans Texas Tech has put into place on campus gets two thumbs up for me.

Let's start by getting the naysayers out of the way. Sure, not all students have the good sense to do what's best for their fellow Red Raiders.

Texas Tech is encouraging everyone on campus to take "The Texas Tech Pledge," which encourages the usual COVID-19 protocols, including wearing a face mask and social distancing. This might not seem like much to some of you, but putting a little school spirit and Red Raider Pride into this effort is important.

What I really like is how they plan on assisting everyone with keeping the pledge.

According to Everything Lubbock, Texas Tech will have a "Commitment Crew" that will hand our rewards to lucky folks in compliance and hand out masks to those who need them. This is just part of the safety plan they have on campus, but it definitely deserves to be highlighted.

This is the right way to do things, to offer incentives as well as encouragement for those who participate. I love this idea, and I hope it spread to local businesses through a "Mask Up/Cash Off"-type effort.

All of this is a small part of the effort against the coronavirus. No, Texas Tech cannot stop people from behaving irresponsibly off-campus, but each instance of safety on campus can help some spread. This is an awesome effort by the school.

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