Just thinking about this makes me smile.

Lubbock is one of the most conservative places in the U.S. That's not my thing, but you do you and I'll do me. Lubbock votes conservative, trolls with conservative flags, and has even had big whoop-de-doo conservative runs around the Loop. Again, that's okay if that's how you want to spend your time.

What we have not had to deal with is people playing wannabe soldiers. We don't have to prove that we have second amendment rights, because we know we do. So far, few have found the need to dress up in fatigues and protect sandwich shops from people who want to take their artisan cheese and freedom away.

If you have not heard, some of these militia types tried to disrupt a drag show in South Carolina. When they were not successful, "someone" mysteriously shot up the local power plants leaving 45,000 people without power (including, of course, people on breathing machines, and others with a critical need for electricity). They weren't successful in stopping the drag show, as the performance went on by the light of the audience's pay phones (sounds like a movie, right?).

My point is simple, we can have our differences and work them out peaceably. I have long said that Lubbock is a "live and let live city". I also wanted to remind everyone that we have had drag shows here for decades and they haven't bothered or corrupted anyone, so please don't get any ideas from the dumb-dumbs who wear bulletproof vests to face off with unarmed drag queens.

Good on you Lubbock for not buying into these extremely unnecessary shows of force.

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