We are truly humbled.

We are midway through our 42nd year and we are doing something that few rock stations have done and that is win consistently. Think about it, many of the rock stations, including more than a few legends from Dallas, are dead and gone. Meanwhile, Lubbock, Texas rocks, and I mean REALLY rocks.

It is 100% because of you guys. You have remained loyal, and faithful, and have kept FMX as part of your listening diet despite whatever trends are out there. We know you're like us and occasionally stream something, or check out something else, but you always return and that means a lot to us.

With being around this long we've also left some listeners by the wayside and we still want to thank you for helping us build a foundation that has kept us alive as we've added new listeners and new fans. If you're not smellin' what I'm cooking, I'm saying thanks to even the haters, you helped fuel us to get to where we are at.

As for personal notes, the RockShow appreciates your support in making us the #1 morning show in Lubbock as well.  Renee Raven is also over the moon about being the #1 workday host. We can't thank you enough for letting us do this fun (but actually hard) job for a while longer.

I also must say thank you to our sponsors and advertisers. I hope everyone will continue to support those who support us.

On a very personal note, I remember a couple of decades ago thinking, "Well, the listeners probably think I'm getting too old for this, I better start looking for another job". Then, a strange thing happened, most of the listeners continued to stick with me as they got a little longer in the tooth. I am absolutely, positively stunned to be #1 after over 40 years in radio, most with KFMX. Thank you one more time! 

Thank you, and YOU GUYS ROCK!

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