If you're willing to fight for America, I don't care what you have in your pants.

Scott Olson, Getty Images
Scott Olson, Getty Images

Yesterday's announcement that Transgender persons would not be able to serve in the military is a huge gut punch to many people who have sacrificed for their country. Our military is as diverse as America itself and we should be proud and stand behind anyone willing to sacrifice a portion of their life, and sometimes their life itself for the rest of us.

Your skin color and sexuality fade away in the military. It's all about whether the people around you have your back. If you can be counted on, then nothing else should matter.

Who knows where this ban will lead, or if it will even be found to be legal. I just want EVERYONE to know that your willingness to serve is very much appreciated even if you are not allowed to. I don't really do politics anymore, but I draw the line at disrespecting any members of our armed forces.  In short, if you're willing to defend me, I'm willing to defend you.

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