I've been very curious lately as to where the current metal scene is.

We've had a long dance with metal on 94.5 FMX. It actually started when I hosted The FMX Midnight Metalshop. We played independent releases from Queensryche and Twisted Sister, along with vets like U.F.O. and Motorhead.

Later on, "The Rock Doctor" and "Everything Goes Black" carried the metal torch into new eras. As of late, the metal community seems to be kind of spread everywhere, so everything is a bit hard to categorize.

I threw together a quick metal poll with three different choices, plus a kind of 'all-or-most-of-the-above' option. We'd really like to see where everyone's head is at.

So what are we doing? Is it doom, black, groove or grind? There's a bunch of subgenres out there and we want to see what everyone spins when they're needing a punch in the brain.

Let's see if we can build a consensus on what people are into around here. If we can get a read on things, we'll at the very least pass the info on to show promoters. I imagine it will be the metal fans who step back in the pit first when the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

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