I wish I could just drop this one, but having any star associated with your town can be a very, very good thing.

I just read a review of The Chicks show at ACL and it's a reminder of how dumb Lubbock is. Almost all artists are covered by just a couple of talent agencies, so yeah, this matters to you rock fans too.

So what do I want Lubbock to do? Well first, get over that b.s. that they need to be "forgiven for what they did". They don't need your forgiveness and quite frankly, they don't need you. Natalie does not ever need to say the word "Lubbock" unless she's singing "Lubbock, Or Leave It".

Lubbock is the one that needs to apologize for all of the hateful behavior towards Maines. They need to ask to be forgiven for all of the non-Christian behavior displayed in front of her friends and families here in Lubbock.

Will any of this happen? The answer is no. The reason is that we're hard-headed and stupid. This has gone beyond the point of ridiculousness. Seriously, we just said goodbye to Sharon Maines after decades of service in Lubbock, and for many of those years, people were whispering behind her back because of something her niece said. I'm also very surprised that her dad didn't grab up his steel guitar and smack every trash-talking jerk in this town in the back of the head.

Things aren't going to be alright until we have a Natalie Maines/Dixie Chicks day in Lubbock. It's not going to be fine until they do TWO nights at the United Supermarkets Arena or two weeks at the Buddy Holly Center (yes, they COULD sell all of those tickets, we just have never given them a reason to want to). Most of all, things aren't going to be right until Natalie's cheery mug is right there next to Buddy's on every mural and Chamber of Commerce pamphlet.

Get over yourself Lubbock, you've turned your back on family and it's time to fix that.

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