So, McGregor/Mayweather is over and what have we learned? Don't play another mans game.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor
Getty Images/Ethan Miller

I have seen people fall for a hype fight so many times in my life it's ridiculous (anybody (remember Gerry Cooney?). Conner McGregor badgered a 40-year-old champion out of retirement for a big payday. In my opinion, sports fans were flat out suckered.

Mayweather gave unknowledgeable boxing fans hope by taking a few rounds to figure out his opponent. That's what boxers do. It's a chess game. It's about waiting for your opportunity. After three rounds, he knew what was up and just started taking the guy apart.

So let's look at another dumb claim out there, "well, McGregor would beat him in an MMA ring". How dumb. Why don't we bet on who would win in a swordfight? McGregor asked for a boxing match with Floyd. He might as well as asked for a game of horse with Micheal Jordan or to race cars with Dale Jr. McGregor didn't prove anything about MMA -vs- boxing. They're two different sports and shouldn't even be compared with each other. These are all just weak video game fantasies. This was not a Toughman competition, it was boxing and the boxer won. It's not really hard to do that math.

Then there are the sour grapes losers who say, "well it took ten rounds to finish him". You really don't understand boxing do you? You might be used to seeing the old Mike Tyson pound in a round fights, but that's not boxing. A good boxer takes his opponent apart surgically and protects themselves at all time. A good boxer doesn't take a change on getting head-butted or opening himself up just to please an uneducated crowd. Boxing takes timing and skill and Floyd didn't let this guy change up the rules of the game.

The fight was not stopped too early, not if you're Connor McGregor's son. McGregor was gassed, out of steam and realized the jig was up. Letting this fight go on wouldn't have led to a Rocky like finish, it would have led to Muhammad Ali like brain damage. McGregor will use the early stoppage to try to save face or to try to get a rematch, but I think this is a one and done.

In the end, McGregor fans may be pleased with the showing their guy gave them, but winning was never going to happen.  Do yourself a favor and watch some real aggressive middle-weights, guys who are trying to come up in the business. Do that, and you'll realize how weak this fight really was.

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