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America is divided like never before.

On one hand, we have the pro-sandwich crowd, and on the other, we have the tacos are terrific crew. Let's examine our options.


You can have many varieties of sandwiches. You can have them hot or cold with sliced meats, cheeses, and veggies. You can mix it up from peanut butter and jelly to hot pastrami. Also please note: I don't consider a hamburger a sandwich; it's a hamburger. You wouldn't call a hot dog a sandwich, would you?


If you think tacos lack variety, then you just haven't been to the right place. You can get down on just ground beef, or rock a shrimp taco. Most importantly, you can get spicy with a taco, and for the life of me, I can't think of a spicy sandwich.

There's a disclaimer on this one, too: a wrap is not a taco. A wrap is a foofy-wannabee that will never be a taco.

I think I've laid out some pretty clear arguments here. If you could only have one of these two food items going forward, which would it be? I don't want to influence you either way so this can't be held against me in the future. I'm actually a big fan of both, but I won't state my preference publicly because I don't want to have to go to chingasos over my decision.

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