Thank you so much for everyone who had fun with us in The Master of Puppies photo contest.

We had hundreds of dogs, which we then whittled down to 94.

FMX rockers stepped up to the plate and voted, and the winner is Rooster and owner Lindsey Acker.

Now we'd like to point out that we think all of your doggies and puppies are the best dogs, but we used the picture composition to sort down to the workable number and left the rest up to you guys.

Before we get to the picture of Rooster, look for the next big Metallica promotion from FMX & J. Ferg Pros coming very soon. You'll need to have the FMX app (it's free and available right here for iPhones and Android phones) to get in on it, so you might as well just get it now.

And without further ado...

Lindsey Acker
Lindsey Acker

Congrats Lindsey Acker and Rooster!

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