We have had an amazing time coming up with unique, collector's item FMX shirts for you guys.

The FMX Purple Spot and logo are so unique that they are recognized EVERYWHERE. Just this past weekend I made a trip to Dallas for The Texas Haunters Convention and was singled out by the lady checking me in. She immediately knew the logo and stated that she had listened to FMX every day before she moved.

We've had fun playing with the design too. I really wish I could remember what the first variation of the logo was. Technically the first variation was probably the one-color version that drops the purple from the logo, but I think one of the very first all-in variations was just a yellow or baby blue spot.

Along the way, we have not only changed the color of the spot, but we've also changed the shape. We've done everything from footballs to Easter eggs and that brings us to today's design. First, credit goes to Renee Raven and Chrissy Covington for workshopping this idea. Let me present to you, the FMX-TexSpot shirt:


I have to also give HUGE credit to the artists and people at Advanced Graphix. Again, they took a raw idea and turned it into a super cool design. It may seem easy to just trade out one shape for another, but it's not.  I will now and forever recommend Advanced Graphix when you need something to really represent your brand (you can also find a lot of their cool Texas Tech stuff at The Matador).

The TexSpot shirts are currently being produced. We will let you know when they become available through station giveaways and remotes. Lastly, thank you for flying our colors around town and around the world, it really does mean a lot to us.

FMX Shirts 1

FMX Shirts 2

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