I had this completely wired, but then some jerk forced me to expand it a bit.

I had a hopeful message for Lubbock drivers out there. In fact, I will have that message for you in a bit, but let me deal with one GIANT exception in a big red truck.

I was cruisin' along thinking, "maybe I have this bad Lubbock driving thing figured out" when I saw a giant red truck tailgating a car that was already going quite fast in the fast lane, then it whipped over to the center lane, blowing coal (expelling large clouds of black smoke) into the front of the car in that lane, then getting off the loop with another extremely sharp right. Yes, you got it, severe little pee-pee energy.

I don't let instances like the one I described bother me too much. I don't really believe in karma, but I believe that it's just a matter of time before someone who whips their vehicle from place to place like this will flip it or crash it in some manner. It's going to happen, I only hope the only one injured is the driver (yeah, I hope they're injured, it's the only way they'll learn).

Driver eating while driving a car
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Now, onto the thing that gives me hope. We could seriously improve the road for everyone in town if all the drivers would do just one thing:


Yes, just pay attention. Most of you went through driving school or the licensing process and most of you probably passed with flying colors. The problem is, you've gotten a little too lax about paying attention and you're letting b.s. distract from your driving. We all know where most of the b.s. is coming from too, it's from your phone. Just don't mess with it when you're in your car. Think of your car as a break from all the b.s. you have to deal with in life. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the tunes on the radio and keep an eye on everything all around you.

You and everyone around you have the skills to be excellent drivers. You just need to pay attention.

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