If you can't get enough of The RockShow weekday mornings on 94.5 FMX with Wes Nessman and I, you can check out our new podcast The RockShow Backstage, which gives our listeners a chance to hear more in-depth discussions that we don't always have time for on the radio.

You'll soon be able to find our podcast on all of your favorite streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Alexa, Google News, and right now on our KFMX website and app. If you'd like a preview of the podcast, click here, then hit The RockShow Backstage link and pick your poison.

The podcast is different from our morning show for many reasons. There are no cuts or edits, we choose a different common topic for each episode, and we don't bleep out the naughty bits, so turn it off when the kids come home. It ain't for them.

The RockShow: Backstage also isn't just weird news, fart jokes, and over the top stories like our morning show. We'll be delving into personal and sometimes uncomfortable topics. The podcast is the magnifying glass. We are the ants. You know the deal.

COVID-19 has kept so many folks from being able to come into the station for a visit. As soon as it has settled, we will be inviting tons of cool guests for interviews and tomfoolery that you won't want to miss.

We have some wonderful fans out there that call in and offer more to our conversations each morning on The RockShow, and we're hoping to entertain them further on our new podcast. Or at the very least, we'll get to hear the sound of our own voices for just a tad bit longer each day. We have huge egos and too much free time during this pandemic to NOT have a podcast. Idle hands are the devil's playground and $#!t.

Thank you for supporting FMX for all of these years, and we hope you will join us for The RockShow Backstage.

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