One of the RockShows most talked about bits as of late was the "roast" we did of a friend moving out of town. We posted that audio online and it's taken off just a bit.


Our friend Jeremiah "Jim" Tagle was moving to Georgia and he really wanted to be on the RockShow one last time before he left town.  We decided to surprise him and invited our friends from Laugh Hub City to help roast him.

Just so you know who the voices are, they are once again The RockShow (Heathen & Wes) from Laugh Hub City we had Steven Feldman, Bethany Thomas and "Naked" Dave Longren.  The "roastee" is Jeremiah Jim Tagle, an almost completely blind ex-prison guard.

After the roast Jim was given a custom one of kind FMX T-shirt as a souvenir (which was really an old Kool 98 shirt).

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