There's something magical about drinking an ice-cold lemonade on a hot day, especially when it’s homemade.

If you've ever found yourself disappointed in the flavor of your freshly-squeezed lemonade, wishing it tasted more like what you’d get from one of that one lemonade stand at the fair that always has a huge line, then I have the ultimate tip for you. 

While your classic freshly-made lemonade will always be delicious, there's a major secret that will increase the flavor of your lemonade exponentially. It will improve your lemonade game so much, in fact, that you may never go back to the way you made lemonade before.

All you need to up that lemonade game is to make yourself some lemon simple syrup. 

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If you aren’t familiar with how to make simple syrup, it's one of those kitchen skills that's extremely easy and vastly useful. When making simple syrup, all you have to do is mix equal parts water and sugar, then heat it up on the stove until all the sugar is dissolved. Let it cool and use it as a sweetener in any drink you want.  

The only thing you have to do differently to make this lemon simple syrup is to add the zest and juice of the lemons you're planning to use for your lemonade. Just do the same thing you would do for regular simple syrup, but add the lemon zest and juice in there and let it sit in the syrup overnight before straining out all the zest and using it in your lemonade. 

Once your syrup is complete, make your lemonade how you typically would with lemon juice, water and ice, then use as much of your syrup as you like in place of the sugar you would usually add.

If you want to mix things up even more, I highly suggest making some other flavors of simple syrup, like mint, rosemary, strawberry, blueberry or any other flavor you would enjoy, and add that to your lemonade as well. You can also use these syrups in cocktails, tea or other drinks to add some sweetness and flavor, making them even more special.

Now that you know the ultimate lemonade secret, be sure to try it out and impress everyone with your delicious new homemade lemonade recipe.

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