Why are people trying to push COVID concerns aside to focus on sex trafficking?

I don't know about your brain, but I can be concerned about a number of things at one time. I can think about coronavirus, sex-trafficking, the environment, what I'm having for lunch and will there ever be another installment of Friday The 13th all at once. This makes me wonder, why are there so many memes saying, in effect, "why are we worried about mask/coronavirus when we should be worried about sex trafficking?"

Does this not seem a little convenient for you? Where was all the concern about sex trafficking before the virus hit? Why forsake concerns about one over the other? There's something super-fishy here. My guess is the troll farms out there are generating these memes to take the focus off of COVID for political reasons. It just reeks of someone in a basement saying, "let's think of something really, truly horrible so people will quit paying attention to the plague".

I'll also put this out there, the horrible nature of sex trafficking is easy to understand. On the other hand, dealing with a virus, racial tensions, or uncertainty about the economy are much more complex issues, so it's easier for your brain to process this concern.

Let me restate this one more time so there is no confusion, sex trafficking is real and a real concern, but most human brains can be concerned about many things at once.

So let's make this crystal clear; you can worry about as many things as you like, but you should worry that you are being manipulated for someone else's purposes.  Very few of lives choices are binary, there is a wide array of both good and bad to be concerned with.


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