I really wanted to call this blog "Epic Moments in Lubbock Stupidity."

First off, the Windy Man is doing just fine at the corner of Marsha Sharp and Avenue L. He could have been something cool for Lubbock. He could have given us an identity. He could have made the highways less boring and maybe even something for the tourists to take pictures of.

All of this could have been, but too many people in Lubbock had their heads up their asses. So, have a look at Windy Man today, then let's back up.

The Windy Man of Lubbock, Texas
Windy Man lives at Marsha Sharp and Avenue L (Photo: Nessmania)

In 2004, TxDOT thought they'd add a little personality to the highways around here. A whimsical and old-timey looking design was produced that we all called "The Windy Man." It was basically kind of like a cloud with a face and he was blowing wind. There were going to be about 20 of these things all over town

Well, as Snoop Dogg would say: 'The shizzle hit the fizlle.'

You basically had four groups of people -- people who didn't care, folks who said 'cool' and two other groups that FREAKED THE HELL OUT. One of the groups was your traditional Lubbock types. These are the folks that think if we don't talk about some of the less desirable stuff here (like the STD rate) that no one will figure it out. The second of the haters were the religious nuts. I mean, NUTS. They freaked out because the Windy Man "looked like" a pagan idol, and thus started calling it a "graven image." Well, as I explained at the time, "graven" basically means "drawn," so a picture of Mickey Mouse on your undies would be against these folks' "religion."

TxDot/FMX T-Shirt Design

True to form, some ass-bag (who was never apprehended) smashed the first Windy Man to the cheers of the religious freaks who think it's okay to destroy something if they don't agree with it.

Well, FMX taught them and everyone else a lesson. We produced around 300 t-shirts, so all of a sudden the Windy Man was everywhere.

Windy Man currently resides at Marsha Sharp and Avenue L. It's part of a really great mural that I think spells out Lubbock pretty well (it could use a Double T, but there's probably legal reason why it can't be there). Drive by some time and look at what might have been.


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