Are you sending your kids out for a night of fun, or as a part-time job?

Just on principle, if you hold or participate in a 'Halloween Candy Buy Back,' you can go suck a pumpkin.

All that candy kids get in all of its colorful packaging is part of the magic of Halloween. Part of the joy we get from giving out that candy is knowing that we're giving kids a cool experience that they'll remember for the rest of their lives. We know they'll consume, hoard, count and compare their loot.

Knowing that there are people out there who are just going to treat this candy as trash ruins the experience for everybody.

If you don't want your kid having all of that candy, then you give them a couple of bucks or a small toy or something. Don't ruin Halloween for all the other kids out there.

My advice is to let your kid be a kid every now and then, and don't turn them into a social pariah because they have to tell their friends that their parents made them sell all their candy.

And to those who would organize such a bastardization of tradition, you're not impressing anyone; you're depressing those kids who have to be a part of it.

Ed Note: We have found that the persons behind the initial buyback referenced send the candy to Operation Gratitude which is an AWESOME organization. In honor of this, we have made a small donation to cover the cost of sending a package overseas. We would encourage you to do the same here.  Not all buybacks work this way, some do not donate the Halloween loot and that is to whom these thoughts were actually directed. 

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