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    Most People Here Haven't Been Anywhere Else

    It really doesn't take long to adapt to snowfall, but if you only see it once every year or two, you don't have time to learn the skills you need to make it just another 'oh, well' kind of day (as opposed to an 'oh s***!' kind of day).

    It's not a good, bad or indifferent thing; it's just something you have to deal with. It's like I threw a menu in Greek in front of you. Since you're not Greek, you don't know the words, but you can figure it out from the pictures.

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    Driving Skills Are Amplified

    The two biggest driving problems we have here are the unskilled and the overconfident. Snow amplifies those traits for the worse.

    This leaves the regular folks who have to get out and go to work in a situation because they have to dodge both dumb people and jackasses.

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    Lubbock Does Look Good Under a Snowfall

    Sometimes you just don't realize how brown and barren it is around here. Yeah, we do get green on occasions, but it's like it's all the same kind of green. A nice blanket of snow does look good on Lubbock, at least for a couple of days.

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    Lubbock Doesn't Really Prepare

    Since a major snowfall is a rarity here, none of us have the equipment or tools we need to dig out of it. Do you have a snow shovel? Why would you? I have one, but I brought it with me from living in Spokane, Washington 35 years ago.

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    Lubbock Overreacts

    Today's snowstorm, and most snowstorms in Lubbock, last for about one day. Seriously, most of this will be gone tomorrow.

    There's no reason to buy eight loaves of bread and a case of peanut butter. There's no reason to have a mental breakdown over your lack of an ability to get anywhere. It's just a one-day pause in your life. If you have a can of soup and a blanket, you'll be good until tomorrow.

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