I have enjoyed covering "Texas Cryptids" and just to prove a point, I have one legendary creature from Georgia that turned out to be real!



So what are "Cryptids", well in layman's terms, they are creatures that some people believe exist, even though there is no concrete evidence. The "King Of The Cryptids" would be Bigfoot, with the Loch Ness Monster probably coming in at number two. That's just the big *stars* of the cryptid world though; there are plenty of claimed-creatures out there.

The Creature

The monster of the day is "Hogzilla". This giant hog was supposed to be over 12 feet long (for comparison a Corvette is 15 feet long). The monster was also said to weigh 1000 pounds, which actually doesn't sound that heavy for something that big. This pig/boar hybrid was said to be a bit of a hoax or urban legend...until it was killed by a hunter in Georgia.

Dug Up

Yes, Hogzilla was real, but not quite as big as you stated. Hogzilla was dug up for a t.v. program and the experts put the actual length at between 6.9 and 8.6 feet. and the weight at 800 pounds. Yes, Hogzilla was a bit smaller than advertised, but experts still say it was unusually large.

Are There More?

Based on the some of the stories of feral hogs, I wouldn't doubt that there is a whole herd of Hogzillas out there. I would imagine a couple of these things could easily turn over your truck and steal all your snacks.

You can actually see Hogzilla here.

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