I don't know when we'll run out of stuff to talk about concerning that Korn/Evanescence show.

Korn had one of the most epic stage setups I've ever seen in my life. It was a steel cage that they projected images on, but you could still see the band. I believe it was done with haze or mists of some sort. They also seemed totally into it, despite the fact that they are playing festivals with ten times as many people. The band just really seemed to enjoy their time in Lubbock. They even rented a local taco truck for fun.

Then, there's Evanescence. I just don't know if there is a more talented woman in rock than Amy Lee. In fact, there are few more talented people of any gender in rock. Lee knows when to show off her pipes and when to savor the soft moments, and both of those things just work for her. No one even missed or complained about the fact that "Bring Me to Life" was done as a solo instead of as a duet. In fact, some say it was better.

I also want to give props to Palaye Royale, who played like they were the headliners. They even ripped through "Seven Nation Army" and killed it.

Now let's get to our hosts, the United Supermarkets Arena. I was totally impressed by the hospitality, service, and gratitude of our hosts. It must be quite a shift from the  Texas Tech crowd to metalheads who put together a pit even though there wasn't supposed to be any moshing allowed.

I also wanted to single out one guy, who went above and beyond. And for that, I'll let you read this listener's post:

At the Evanescense/Korn concert the other night, the arena ran out of paper towels in the restroom dispenser. This employee stood off to the side in the restroom and held the paper towels for guys to use as they washed their hands until they could reload the dispenser. He had a great sense of humor about it and everyone was really nice to him and thanked him as they left.

T. Covarrubio

We SALUTE you, sir, you could have just thrown those towels on the sink until the unit was changed out, but you chose to help out our listeners and we thank you. Message us here if you'd like an FMX Birthday Bash shirt.

*Thanks to NeverEnding Memories photography for the story and picture.

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