You may have heard that a cigarette can't ignite gasoline. Well, it can ignite propane.

Hank Hill would be horrified at the scene above right outside of a store in Lubbock, Texas. According to the research, propane ignites at 540 celsius, and the cherry on your smoke hits 700 celsius when you take a drag. So if the gas company or a customer return had just a wee bit of gas mixing with oxygen, then WHAMO!, you could have yourself a bit of a situation.

Also keep in mind that cigarettes don't light themselves, so just sparking up that ciggy a little early on the way to a car or something is a bit dangerous.

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There is that GIANT sign right new to the smoker's head that says "flammable." I really have no idea how you can give anybody any more hints on how dangerous this is other than to maybe rub their noses in the signs.

We've elected to not publish where or when this was taken because we don't want anyone punished for this, but we certainly hope someone loops them in on why this is a very, very bad idea. I guess maybe we should also mention that blowing hot, smoky air in the area where people walk by is a little inconsiderate, even if you don't roast them with flames or blow them up.

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