We are set for a major shakeup in the weather on Thursday.

It appears there are two things to look out for in Thursday's forecast and those would be much colder temperatures and a strong likelihood of rain.

Temperatures will drop by more than thirty degrees tomorrow when the cold front hits the Hub City. Fortunately with temperatures today in the 80s, a thirty-degree drop only takes us down to the 50s. Even though mornings are much cooler, it looks like we'll escape chances of freezing weather as well.

The problem lies in that this front appears to be hitting Lubbock around 6 a.m. with rain chances coming in at 25% and continuing up throughout the day until 6 p.m. This means you may have fresh rain to drive in in the morning and possibly a day's worth of rain to drive home through in the event.

It may not seem like much, but that morning rain hitting right when people start heading for work can lead to some slippery conditions as all of the road oils, dirt, and other substances get slick before being washed off.

In addition to the rain chances rising to about 75% tomorrow in the early afternoon, the highs will be in the low 40s. So while we may avoid freezing, you're most likely going to need to layer up or grab a jacket. Also, adding a few extra minutes to commute time would be a smart move just in case the rains are heavy. As of right now, about a third of an inch of rain is possible.

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