We're heartbroken to bring this news to you. The 39th FMX Birthday Bash has been postponed again.

This time it’s due to band members from the two headlining bands testing positive for COVID-19. I really want to stress that this isn’t even organization members. This is band members, so it’s unsafe for them to perform for both themselves and fans.

This is going to be the nature of live events for the foreseeable future. If you want a villain, there are two of them: COVID-19, and people refusing to get vaccinated. There’s no other way to put this other than if you want to see live shows, you’ve got to encourage people who go to shows to step up.

I think I should also say that I hope for a speedy recovery for those who have contracted this insidious disease.

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So how close were we to this show? They were actually in the process of hanging lights and sound at the Lonestar Amphitheater, costing the promoter big bucks. I'm personally out a chunk of change for party supplies. That’s how close we were.

This show was selling like hotcakes, and I was set to have Maria Brink on the show as a special guest. This sucks, so I'll just refer you to the tour announcement:

"The In This Moment/Black Veil Brides/Ded show scheduled for today,September 24 in Lubbock, TX at The Pavilion and Saturday, September 25 at in Oklahoma City at The Criterion have been postponed due to several members of bands on tour testing positive for COVID-19.  The tour plans to pick back up in Denver on Monday. If you have tickets to either of these shows, please stand by for more information.   The entire touring party is remaining in isolation out of an abundance of caution until the
tour resumes on Monday."

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