Sorry kids, I'm not even going to put the new Tool on here. They could piss around on that thing for another couple years. I'm going to just list the artists that are absolutely planning on releasing an album in 2017.

I guess I'm going to start with a little bonus here. I'd say it's very likely that Papa Roach will have a new album, but they are kind of doing a self-release thing right now so their album will probably run a little under the radar. Of course, the aforementioned Tool could drop at any time. Then there's the fact that pretty much any artists can get a creative rush and knock one out. So just look at this list as six, as close to sure things, as you can get.


  • 1

    Marilyn Manson

    The new album "Say Ten" has a release date of February 14. I am absolutely counting down the days. I still believe that Manson has a lot to say lyrically and musically. I am a huge fan of his last album "The Pale Emperor".

  • 2

    The Offspring

    The 13 skulls I have tattooed on my body were inspired by the cover of The Offsprings "Ixnay On The Hombre", so I guess you could say I'm a fan.  The last thing we got (other than the novelty "Sharknado") was the classic "Coming For You".  I think that single was a pretty good set up for a new album.

  • 3

    System Of A Down

    I don't know why the bloom went off the System Of A Down rose so quickly. I even enjoyed Serj Tankian's solo album even though it kind of tanked. The guys have had a long time to tuck back some musical ideas so we could end up with a real monster release.

  • 4

    Slipknot/Stone Sour

    I have seen sources saying a new Slipknot record was forthcoming, yet others say it's a new Stone Sour. It just doesn't matter to me; I'm completely down with either one.

  • 5


    Has Seether made a bad album? If they did it was before their major label debut "Disclaimer". Shaun Morgan and the guys have constantly delivered quality goods and I've got no reason to expect anything different this time around.

  • 6

    30 Seconds To Mars

    There are a number of releases that I could have put in this slot, but I still think this band has an outside shot at taking over the world. They have transcended the tag of "actor vanity project" and have put out some incredibly songs that have fell just a hair short of being modern day classics. I think there's a good chance that in a year some fans will be able to say, "I like them before they got huge".

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