I can't believe this story isn't on the lips of everyone who's heard it.

If we were just talking about a witch here that might possibly be more than enough to intrigue you, instead, get ready to meet La Lechuza, a witch who is said to shapeshift into a giant owl.

La Lechuza is rumored to be a seven-foot-tall owl with an old woman's face (are you scared yet?). Just seeing La Lechuza, even in a dream, is supposed to foretell your death or the death of a family member. Would you like to make this even scarier? Part of the legend is that if you shoot at it you will die instead. Is that not enough for you? La Lechuza will reportedly make sounds like a baby and when you go to investigate it will scoop you up with its giant talons even if you're a full-grown man. La Lechuza is also said to be big, mean, and scary enough to run cars off the road.

So with all this in mind, how do you keep yourself safe from La Lechuza? It's easier than you think if you know what to do. Reportedly you can throw salt or chili pepper at it, or if you know it's coming, by tying seven knots in a rope and hanging it on your front door. If you have a serious La Lechuza problem, a Christian prayer to the Virgin Mary may help. On the other side of the coin, some legends say you can just yell or curse at them and they will go away.

La Lechuza is said to make its home in Northern Mexico and Texas, so if you think you see a seven-foot-tall bird, then it's best you go the other way.


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