Now we're talking Fall!

It's simply one of the greatest things to happen at any time, anywhere. It certainly rivals the grand opening of the pyramids or the day they learned to slice bread, it's St. Joseph's Sausagefest.

This humble group out of Slaton somehow cobble together the absolute best sausage sale and sausage party (ahem...) each year and I'm all about it. Using secret recipes passed down through the ages, they put out simply the best sausage you could ever wrap your lips around.

It was the good folks and the great sausage from St. Joseph's that really helped me hone my love of tube steak. I like my sausage a little coarser ground than a lot of store brands and St. Joseph's has that awesome texture that makes you feel like you're eating something "Old world style" instead of something that tastes like a hot dog.

This year's sausage sale and Sausage Fest are set for October 21st and 22nd in Slaton. During those dates, you can pick up your orders, try to buy some onsite, and actually attend a sausage dinner (with a party on the side). This event is uniquely West Texas, and I would place it only behind the world record-setting Lion's Club Pancake Festival as an absolute, do-not-miss, you'll thank me later kind of event.

If I have you hyped enough, mark those dates on the calendar, and if you want to preorder sausage (totally recommended) then head over to their site and preorder now. I'm sure there will be more news about the annual festival soon and you can be assured that I'll be on top of it.

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