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Yeah, we still get excited about these things.

There is nothing like the iconic FMX Purple Spot logo. It's really up there with Raider Red, the Masked Rider and Ralph's Records' iconic pink building. You just recognize them and realize they are "Lubbock" instantly. It's so iconic that when we do something else, people tend to go nuts for it.

We have done so many variations on the logo over the years. We've done different colors, a red/black for Texas Tech, a Grinch spot, a shamRock, and, my all-time favorite, the FMX WetSpot, which just had a puddle instead of a spot.

We have also done a number of different Halloween shirts, from a 'This is my Halloween costume' shirt to pumpkin spot shirts. This year, Advanced Graphix updated the pumpkin spot and added a little Halloween to the mix. Needless to say, we were excited. In fact, everyone in the office now wants one.

We debuted the design on the FMX website earlier in the week, but now we have the actual shirts in. It's interesting to me that tattoo artists always talk about how a tattoo looks better on the skin. Well, it's the same with shirt designs: they always look better when they are printed out on the shirts.

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