Ok, check it out here are the lowest prices I have seen today while out and about doing what I do.

I am finding that a few stations consistently have lower prices than other's, so here again are the stations I have seen with the lowest prices around town.

The station located at West Loop 289 and Marsha Sharp (the one you have to be a member of to buy things) is the lowest today at $3.44

Next we have several stations offering it up at $3.45 a gallon; here are a few of them, the station at 34th and I-27, the one at Ave. Q and Marsha Sharp, and the one at 4th and Elkhart.

During the day I also observed several stations ranging from the $3.45 mark up to $3.50 a gallon. Keep your eyes open guys and let me know if you see cheap prices on the stuff and I will include it here.

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