I certainly hope you'll vote for the home team.

I now have two entries in the Urban Dictionary, and I need your help with one. The problem is, there are two of us vying for the same word combination.

The term is "Man Pearl." I defined it this way:

The collection of stuff that has landed in a large guys belly-button, has become compressed and taken on a new form.

The problem is that some buffoon has submitted that same term as the definition of a kidney stone. Now, while his is good, mine is better (and funnier). Here's where you come in.

Head over to the page by clicking this link, and go give my definition the thumbs up.

Thank you, and remember: A vote for Wes is a vote for Lubbock, and a vote for Lubbock is a vote for Texas, and a vote for Texas is a vote for America. Thank you.

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