I still have faith in you guys to turn this thing around.

The death of Luke Siegel, a disabled person, from COVID hit me hard. I had a disabled child. Parents of disabled children love harder and fight harder than anyone because they know any day could be the last day and if it's not the last day, you have to be prepared for a future that may not include you.

We could vow, right now, this very minute, that not one single more disabled person or one more child has to pay the price for the negligence of able-bodied people. We could decide right now that whatever infinitesimal risks there are with a vaccine, it's worth it to protect people who can't protect themselves. We could quit aligning public health interests with politics and get this done.

You wanna be a patriot? I've sure seen more than enough people say they'd "die for their freedom". Well, right now you have limited freedom because there are things you can't do because this virus has wrecked our lives. You wanna be a tough guy? There's no need to take a bullet, just take a shot.

What could possibly be braver of you than to take a stand for kids and disabled people? You can help fight a silent killer. Right now, 50 kids a day are being checked into Florida hospitals. You can help keep that from being a thing right here in Lubbock. You can do it for your kids, for Texas, and for America.

The overwhelming excuse out there seems to be that this might have side effects someday. Well, that is just an excuse and we're not going to make it to "someday" if we don't start taking care of business "today".

This does not have to be a big deal no matter how hard you've dug your heels in or what you've said to your friends. No one is going to shame you because you "did it for the kids". Sneak off and get a shot, stand up and say, "It's worth it if I help someone" or if you need to, just say, "my boss made me".

The philosopher  Seneca said, "All cruelty springs from weakness". Be strong, be just, be proud, and be the kind of person that changes our town for the better.

C'mon Lubbock. We could be "the town that cured COVID" if we step up.  Just get it done in memory of this little boy and so that no one else has to bury their kid.

Tornado and Wall Cloud Pictures From Monday, May 17th, 2021

Tornado and Wall Cloud Pictures From Monday, May 17th, 2021


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