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So, how will Lubbock be different in 20 years?

I was asked to predict two decades into the future for the Hub City. I could not take this request seriously. I have little doubt that Lubbock will change much at all in 20 years. So, with that in mind, I went the satire route.

7 Ways Lubbock Will Be Different In 20 Years

  1. Texas Tech will be 5-7 under new head coach, Jett Duffey.
  2. Everyone will admit that they throw their sex toys in Lubbock's playa lakes, which will then be designated as State Dildo Sanctuaries.
  3. Expanding on their popular brand, Lubbock turns out for the grand opening of the all-new Rosa’s Tortilla Factory and Menswear.
  4. The Buddy Holly Statue will become sentient and begin a murderous rampage across the town until the city is forced to turn to a newly bionically-enhanced Natalie Maines who will bring the beast down.
  5. People will be driving their flying cars into houses.
  6. Most major churches will be turned into Spirit Halloween Stores.
  7. County Judge Wes Nessman will outlaw all country music inside city limits.

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