Okay, this is some scary stuff.

So Arizona has been having some monsoonal rains. They're actually kind of fun to watch roll in and out sometimes. They can also flood certain areas that aren't used to a bunch of rain. One of those places is near the Wupatki National Monument. Hold on, this gets creepier.

The Native Americans who once lived in the area had a ball-court-like structure that took on a whole bunch of water. After some rains, some people noticed what they thought were tadpoles in the water. Upon closer inspection, they kind of a horseshoe crab called a "Triops".

So how can this happen? Well, I can give you a great example. Have you ever sent off for "Sea Monkeys" and put the magic dust in water? It's just like that. Some species out there that can lay eggs that stay dormant until they get enough water.

All of this is according to an article on the page "Live Science" which doesn't treat the subject with a heck of a lot more respect than I do. They came up with the term "Three-Eyed Dinosaur Shrimp" whereas I would have used the term, "Scary-As-Hell-Alien Looking-Water-Creatures". Oh wait, these things also have both sex organs (the plug and the outlet if you will) so technically I would've gone with "Scary-As-hell-Alien Looking-Self Horny-Hermaphrodite-Water Creatures" for the headline.

According to Wikipedia,  you can actually buy some of these to put in your own aquarium. It says you can actually feed them lunch meat and potatoes because they'll eat anything. I don't know if I want them eye-balling me with these three eyes all night long so I'll probably stick with fancy guppies or something. If you want to breed these little monsters, then have it.

So there you have it, things in 2021 just got weirder.


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