Who's ready for a big bottle of truth?

There are actually many reasons why the NFL doesn't care that your uncle isn't going to 'watch that trash no more.' The biggest and most obvious reason is MONEY.

Every product, and yes, professional football is a product, has its demographic. Sometimes, they choose certain genders/age groups, and other times they just come by it naturally.

Men 25-34 are most likely to be NFL fans (here's a great report from 2015). Does anybody want to guess what else Men 25-34 like? Could it be beer? Maybe soft drinks? Maybe men's products, like deodorants? Let's also not forget technology, as many of these NFL watchers are what they call "second screeners" and have their laptop open as they watch.

A 2014 survey showed about 68 percent of players in the NFL were Black (and I doubt that's changed much). Having the talent on the field to play the game is important, and when you combine that with the more socially aware 25-34 age group, then responding to the players' needs is a no-brainer.

Let me put this another way. People who don't want change are not likely to change their buying preferences either. The NFL wants younger people, and if they have to, they'll sacrifice your grumpy uncle who's set in his ways. Trust me, they've done the research, and they know what "acceptable losses" are.

Myself? I don't care if you watch or you don't, or for what reason you do either. Just know that throwing a fit on Facebook doesn't add up to a hill of beans.

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