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Some of you are already in the no-duh zone, but if this wasn't a regular question in my Facebook feed, I wouldn't be dealing with it.

Skepticism is good; you should always ask questions. But sometimes the answer is staring you straight in the face. The only dumb question is one that you don't try to find the answer to.

I've seen a number of people post a picture of a PIN pad from the grocery store and say, "what good is the plastic if the person before me just touched the plastic?" Well, get ready for this. There are two very good answers to this.

First, the plastic is changed out regularly, so you're not getting the germs that have been on the PIN pad since it was installed years ago, and first (yeah, it's a tie), it's so the PIN pad can be cleaned regularly.

I'm not sure how many people are aware of this because it's obviously far less than I expected, but electronics and moisture do not mix. As a matter of fact, water is pretty much the mortal sworn enemy of electronics and electricity. They are the Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold of enemies because they are out to destroy each other (and the water is Stone Cold, because it always wins). One wrong drop off of a spray or off of a bleach wipe, and that whole PIN pad could short out and die.

So here's your short answer: the plastic that's on the pin pads is there so it can be cleaned without destroying the equipment.

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