I certainly hope this doesn't happen, but yesterday's blowout loss sure isn't going to help things.

A small confession here, I haven't watched a Texas Tech game since Coach Kliff was in charge. Yes, I watched the box scores, and maybe caught a bit on the radio. I've also celebrated those big wins, but for me, the passion to really be emotionally invested left with Kingsbury.

I liked the former Red Raider coaches potent offense. I loved how he did his own thing instead of falling in with the other coaches. I liked how the team did things with style both off and on the field. In fact, any team he leads should be nicknamed, "Kliffball".

Kliff Kingsbury- Texas Tech Football vs Oklahoma- 2018
Paul Roberts, 1340TheFan.com

Now critics are saying that the Cardinals coach may be on the hot seat after a disappointing season. He's had a bit of a rough go at it, especially this year, despite actually making major improvements with the team.

I'm not 100% sure any coach would affect a huge turnaround for the Cardinals. I think their best chance is to continue to let Kingsbury work on sorting out the players and personalities and accept that some years it's going to work and some years it won't. In other words, I think the Cardinals are always going to be some kind of Cinderella team, and he's just the one to take them to the ball.

Arizona Cardinals v Jacksonville Jaguars
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I could be way off base here, and I probably am. If Kliff gets the hook, he'll probably fail upward and land with some killer college program. Wherever he goes, he's going to have this fan following him.

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