Let's have a conversation about Tech Football, shall we?

I know you guys want more out of

John Weast/Getty Images
John Weast/Getty Images

Texas Tech Football, but it's not going to happen. Texas Tech will always be in the middle of the pack, give or take a game, or two at the most.

You can blame coaching all you want, but the real problem is always going to rely on recruiting. You and I very much love Lubbock, but it just isn't an attractive place to 18-year-olds going out into the world for the first time.  That's it, that's all that it is, and that's all it will ever be. We just will never get the recruits that will make a difference to the program. Yet, people continue to blame this problem on the coaches.

Coach Dykes was a good ol' boy with that "we'll 'em next time attitude" that let people forgive the teams missteps.

Coach Leach was a miracle worker at making the most of what he had and a lot of that came from the fact that he put a surprising twist on the game before anybody really knew what was coming.

Coach Tuberville was...well who cares.

Coach Kingsbury is trying to adapt Coach Leaches system and make it his own and/or make something work with the players he has..  He is having middling results, so the team stays about a game or two behind where Coach Leach had us.  Coach Kingsbury's real problem is that he is seen as "young" and "slick" in a town that thinks that every football coach should look like Mike Ditka. The term "Coach Bro" is the usual criticism.

In my opinion, Coach Kingsbury is going to get pretty much the same results that any coach coming to town would. He just needs to work on his social game and get Lubbock behind the Raiders and maybe a game or two more will fall his way with the enthusiasm. I don't think this will happen because colleges tend to try to "fire their way to success" so that top administrators can cover their own rears.

I'm afraid that Saturday's game put a nail in Kingsbury's coffin and that sucks. I just hate to see the program start all over again.


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