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When the book on 2020 is written, how will it read?

I personally don't care much about what people say about me after I'm dead. In case you do, you might want to think about some things.

There is absolutely no scenario where the anti-mask crowd are the heroes of the story. They will be seen as accomplices to the coronavirus, slowing down the healing of our nation. They will be seen as anti-science and selfish.

There will be no awards for bravery for those people who harassed employees and store managers who were just doing their job and trying to keep businesses safe.

The people who wanted to open early are already being seen as some of the worst villains in this story, causing us serious setbacks.

The jokes will continue at the expense of the toilet paper hoarders and others who displayed such a disregard for their friends and neighbors.

We will see positive stories about people who made sacrifices, who learned to bake bread, who shared with their neighbors and did what they could to keep everyone's spirits up.

We'll remember the entertainment that kept us busy and distracted when we couldn't take it anymore. We will remember the music that was the soundtrack to a strange and sad time.

We will remember how a $1,200 check saved some of our rear-ends, and for others allowed them to buy something a little frivolous just to help out the economy.

We'll remember times spent with and without our loved ones, and we'll 100 percent remember the pets that we could count on to be our companions.

The book on 2020 will be written at some point, and all of the above is just the chapter on the coronavirus. There are so many other chapters that will have heroes and villains. This is a defining year in the life for so many people. The year's not over, so maybe you should take a look at what part you want in this story right now. I hope you'll be a hero.

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