This is your best chance to get all the ZZ Top you can handle.

ZZ Top hit the Hub City on November 27th and 28th, 2021, and we have a chance for you to attend both shows. That's right, we're not talking about two winners or your choice of shows, we're giving you two tickets to each show.*

You and a guest can have the ultimate ZZ Top experience by seeing them twice at the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts & Sciences. This is the kind of thing that will really be a highlight of your concert-going experiences. So in the future, a friend might say, "I saw ZZ Top back in 1984," and you'll immediately pop off with "Oh, you saw them once? I saw them two nights in a row and I didn't even pay for the tickets."

ZZ Top has been sticking with a standard set, but the Reverend Billy G has been known to jam a bit so we don't think you'll even be a little bit bored. I would look at night one as a "practice concert experience" and night two as a great opportunity to go buck wild with the band.

This is ZZ Top's 50th anniversary tour, and while I don't think they'll slow down, it's a special time to celebrate the music. It's a bummer that Dusty Hill won't be there (rest in peace), but we're pretty sure Elwood Francis will do a great job of filling in.

If you'd like a shot at this, drop an entry before October 8th, 2021. We'll pick a winner that morning to win "Two for Top."

*This is a multi-station contest involving 94.5 FMX and Awesome 98. One (1) winner will be selected at random from all entrants.

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