The oil companies are going to charge whatever you're going to pay.

Do you think the government should intervene in gas prices? Well, congratulations, you may be a socialist. I know that stings a little, but the government dictating what private companies charge for their product reeks of socialism.

The fact of the matter is that the price of crude oil has been where it is today before, but gas prices didn't go as crazy as what you're seeing right now. I guess we can agree that there are probably some other incurred costs like shipping and refining, but really none of that matters.

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The oil companies are posting record profits because the increased prices don't seem to be slowing down demand at all. As long as we're willing to fill up at $4.40 a gallon, it's going to stay at $4.40 a gallon. If we start to conserve your usage and let supplies build-up, we should see the prices fall just a bit.

I'm very concerned, however, that the genie is out of the bottle. The U.S. seems to have just "caught up" with other countries where the gas prices were high. The oil companies may see this and be a little slower to drop the prices.

I find it odd that I agree with congress and think the "gas tax holiday" idea is BS. Giving everyone a break on gas prices just kind of excuses the oil companies for these crazy prices and puts a dent in the money we use to maintain roads and bridges.

The only chance you have to lower gas prices is to conserve, but not too much because then we begin to impact our friends out in the oil fields.

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