The RockShow Big One: Risky Business In Real Life
Do you even remember the plot of "Risky Business"?  Basically Tom Cruise turned his families house into a whorehouse in order to raise funds for college.  We have a story that's quite similar, but the funds were strait up to pay the hookers.   More after th…
The RockShow Big One: Shannon Is The Name That Goes Both Ways
I guess the title to today's bit is just a little aside, because the story is actually about a theft at a Sam's Club.  Yeppers, Shannon and her TWO lovers decided to visit the local Sam's club for a jewelry heist. Things did not go to well.  More after the jump.
The RockShow Big One: Always Remember To Pee Before You Commit A Crime
Welcome to the all new "RockShow Big One".  We're going to be highlighting one particular moment of insanity or fun from the morning show.  Heck, it may not even be the best of the morning, it's just one we really want you to hear for one reason or another.  We want you to hear today's bit…
RockShow Threesome: Dick Move In Parking Lot Results In Death
Some people take things much too seriously.  Road rage is a great example.  How many times have you heard somebody else say 'that driver almost killed me!" and other exaggerations.  Seriously, lighten up a bit, take it easier and we'll all be safer.  The same goes for when somebody pulls a dick…
RockShow Threesome: The KKK Took My Trash Away
The KKK wants to Klean, Klean, Klean a section of highway.  I don't think anybody has a real problem with that, it's probably the fact that you get one of those signs that says "the portion of the highway adopted by the KKK".  Anyways, before you sideswipe the h…
RockShow: Woman Displays Scrotum Busting Strength!
Tell me one thing, who doesn't love a good 'scrotum ripping' story?  They're are simply the best!  Holy cow, can you even imagine?  I know, YOU DON'T WANT TO IMAGINE.  This evil little story and a couple more after the jump.

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