You probably shouldn't do any of this, except number 10.

I don't know why these things stick in my brain, but they do. They sit there in my gooey-gray brain matter annoying me until I do something about them. It's like having a sliver, you just have to pull them out and deal with the wound left behind.

I started thinking about 'top Lubbock dares,' then narrowed it down to '10 highly-specific Lubbock dares.' Think of it like the 12 Labors Of Hercules, but instead of having to retrieve the three-headed dog that guards Hell, you just have to worry about getting your ding-dong bit by a rodent. (See, it really is almost the same.)

I hope you enjoy the list, and I hope you don't do anything on here...except for number 10, because that thing has been driving me crazy for 40 years.

10 Highly Specific Lubbock Dares

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