We don't really do show reviews, but this one certainly calls for one.

It's interesting to talk about Powerman 5000. When they announce a show in Lubbock, we have the usual haters shout, "AGAIN?" but there is a reason they keep coming back and that reason is that there are a ton of people here who LOVE them. Powerman 5000 isn't just a band to check off a bucket list of bands you need to see, they are a band you party with at every single opportunity.

It's hard to pick a term to describe the crowd at Jake's Friday night, but I'm going to go with jubilant. The crowd was hot and ready to party (thanks to the openers for getting the place warmed up). When Powerman hit the stage it was on. There were no slow moments, there were no "nows a good time to go pee" portions of the show, it was straight up fist pumping, jumping and even a little crowd surfing from beginning to end. I am not exaggerating when I say it's been a long time since I've seen a crowd lose their minds like that at a show. It was all good, positive energy and the band was both giving it and feeling it.

Powerman were tight musically while being loose enough to have fun. It was the last night of their current tour and I feel like they left it all on the stage. There were tons of highlights including "Bombshell", "How To Be A Human" and the closer "When Worlds Collide", but I have to mention how fun it was when they started groovin' on|"7Nation Army" first by replacing the lyrics with the lyrics to "It's Tricky" before kicking into a  super-charged version of the regular song.

This band has a ton of more gas left in the tank and I hope they come back to Lubbock a half dozen more times.


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