Hopefully, this news won't spook you too much, but we should have full moon fever before the year is out.

This Friday we'll have the first full moon of the year. This one is known as the Full Wolf Moon because of the wolves on the moon of course, which I just like to call "Moon-Wolves". They would actually be werewolves, but since they're always on the moon, they never really change back to human form.  Okay, now that we've got past the levity, let's hone in on some facts.

As you've probably figured out, all thirteen full moons will not happen at one time. They will happen a little faster than once a month, and before the year is out, we'll have had a very spooky thirteen of them. It really has nothing to do with witchery or any of that nonsense, it's just the way the calendar lands in 2023.

Your full full-moon schedule is:

January 6th

February 5th

March 7th

April 6th

May 5th

June 3rd

July 3rd

August 1st

August 30th

September 29th

October 28th

November 27th

December 28th

As you may have noticed, the moon has no time for your man-made calendar tomfoolery. It makes a cycle every 27 days and it really doesn't care how we number those days. You may also have noticed, as per the aforementioned man-made calendar tomfoolery, that we double up on full moons in the month of August, which should make for some sweet late summer nights.

Although a breezy this Friday, we should hit a high of 75 making for a great night of full-moon watching (watch out for moon-wolves).

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