Who doesn't love to talk about the business that used to rule the landscape around here?  I've got five that'll surely bring back some memories.

The first of this list may always be the Buffalo Beano Company. This was a "head shop" with a little something extra. Of course, they had pipes (for "TOBACCO ONLY) but they also were the hookups for kites and skateboards. They also were the only place at the time to get really cool stuff for your walls like tapestries and whatnot. The tales of the Buffalo Beano Company are legendary.

Billy's Band-Aid was the home for METAL. Yes, we had and still have many fine music stores here but if you played LOUD, you went to Tarpley. They had all the hottest metal looking guitars and giant intimidating flat black speakers. I STILL have a bass I bought at Billy's Band-Aid.

Can you believe the Mall used to be a top-notch place to drink? Chelsea Street Pub was the home for all kinds of blowouts and a great place to pop in for a quick drink while shopping as well. I remember I had my first ever Hurricane there and later it became home base for David Trout Karaoke.

Lubbock Limo/Hot Tub Rentals. This combo business used to RULE the radio. We were absolutely fascinated with renting a Lubbock Limo for the night or a Hot Tub for the weekend. You would think that in the days of rideshare that Lubbock Limo would be a natural to come back around.

A lot of people forget about the Redwood Leather Company, but when I mention the product they were best known for, you'll go, "ah yes". The Redwood Leather Company sold the single most prized flip-flop sandals to ever make a mark on the Hub. They were called "Tiddies" and they were extra soft foam rubber sandals with surgical tubes for straps. You just weren't cool if you weren't wearing Tiddies.

I do have some good news for some of you. In researching this story I found out that TIddies Sandals are still available. They've been updated a bit for the times, but the classic designs are still available (the tubing is colored now seems to be the only difference).  You can find out more here

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